6.7.1 - Provide On-line Vehicle Guidance

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Provide On-line Vehicle Guidance facility within the Provide Driver Personal Services function. These processes provide in-vehicle guidance on request from the driver. Three types of in-vehicle guidance are available, including dynamic and two types of autonomous where dynamic guidance is provided by a centralized route selection function and Autonomous guidance uses an in-vehicle database which may be enhanced by link journey times obtained centrally. Navigable map data is received and updated by request. Vehicle location data once processed is provided use by these processes as well as other facilities and ITS functions.

There are 4 processes in this collection and one is a collection of lower level processes itself. The others are lower level Process Specifications (PSpecs) that are assigned to Physical Objects in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Provide Vehicle Guidance (
2) Provide Driver Guidance Interface (PSpec
3) Process Vehicle Location Data (PSpec
4) Update Vehicle Navigable Map Database (PSpec

Parent Collection: 6.7 - Provide Driver Personal Services

Child Collection needed for CVRIA: