- Provide Traveler Guidance

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Provide Traveler Guidance facility within the Provide On-line Traveler Guidance function. These processes determine the actual traveler guidance method, and generate the route and guidance instructions.

The key points about the facility are as follows:
- Guidance type depends on the traveler's request and on the availability of specific ppd equipment;
- Dynamic guidance requires communications links to a central facility;
- If dynamic guidance fails then autonomous guidance is automatically provided until it is restored.

There are three processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Determine Personal Portable Device Guidance Method (
2) Provide Personal Portable Device Dynamic Guidance (
3) Provide Personal Portable Device Autonomous Guidance (

Parent Collection: 6.8.1 - Provide On-line Traveler Guidance