4.7 - Provide Traveler Roadside Facilities

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the facility Provide Traveler Roadside Facilities within the Manage Transit function. These processes provide travelers at the roadside with information and the collection of payment for services that they require. These processes act as the interface through which the traveler can obtain information and pay for the use of services at a roadside location, such as a transit stop. The information provided includes transit services in general, and the time at which the next transit vehicle is due to arrive at the location. Information provided by transit vehicles approaching the location is also automatically output to the traveler. Payment by the traveler for the use of current transit services, advanced payments for transit services and for other travel services, is supported by the processes, as is the use of debit/credit cards, including those with stored credit value, as may be issued by transit operators as well as financial institutions. When a violation of a payment transaction is detected, an image of the offending traveler will be obtained from the roadside for use by the law enforcement agency.

There are three processes in this collection and one is a collection of lower level processes itself. The others are lower level Process Specifications (PSpecs) that are assigned to Physical Objects in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Provide Traveler Roadside & Vehicle Data Interface (PSpec 4.7.1)
2) Collect Transit Fares at the Roadside (4.7.2)
3) Provide Transit Traveler Roadside Interface (PSpec 4.7.3)

Parent Collection: 4 - Manage Transit

Child Collection needed for CVRIA: