3.2.3 - Provide Vehicle Control

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Provide Vehicle Control facility within the Provide Vehicle Monitoring and Control function. The processes in this facility provide automatic vehicle control including the interface to the platoon in which it may be running. Simple speed, headway and lane position control functions are provided by interfacing with the basic vehicle external interface. The more complicated platoon following function is provided as a separate facility. Incorrect vehicle control command response feedback will cause automatic control to be disabled. Vehicle control disabled if driver activation of the controls detected. Any failure of built in self test in control processes will also disable vehicle control.

There are five processes in this collection and one is a collection itself. The others are lower level Process Specifications (PSpecs) that are assigned to Physical Objects in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Provide Command Interface (PSpec
2) Manage Platoon Following (PSpec
3) Process data for Vehicle Actuators (PSpec
4) Provide Servo Control (
5) Process Vehicle Sensor Data (PSpec

Parent Collection: 3.2 - Provide Automatic Vehicle Operation