4.4 - Support Transit Security and Coordination

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Support Transit Security and Coordination facility within the Manage Transit function. These processes enable incidents that occur either on-board transit vehicles or in other parts of the transit network to be reported and actions coordinated with the emergency services. These processes manage the actions that are taken when an emergency occurs on-board a transit vehicle or within a transit facility, modal interchange facility, or transit depot. Notification of an emergency may come from travelers via such things as panic buttons, from a transit vehicle operator, or from surveillance equipment located at transit stops and other parts of the transit network. The processes work to pre-defined plans of action for each type of emergency situation and communicate with the Manage Emergency Services function for coordination of emergency service activities and multiple agency responses to incidents. The processes also manage transit security such as video/audio surveillance and sensor management for threat information, authenticating the transit vehicle operator to the vehicle, and remote disabling of a vehicle during an incident, as well as disaster and evacuation planning and support for Emergency Management and wide area alerts displayed in the transit network.
There are 4 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Provide Transit Security and Emergency Management (4.4.1)
2) Coordinate Multiple Agency Responses to Transit Incidents (4.4.2)
3) Generate Responses for Transit Incidents (4.4.3)
4) Provide Transit Operations Personnel Security Interface (4.4.4)

Parent Collection: 4 - Manage Transit