10.4.9: Support Object Registration and Discovery

This process shall provide support to the Object Registration and Discovery Services (ORDS). This enables applications to exist within the connected vehicle environment and for users to discover that applications exist and how to find them. This process shall maintain an interface to an ORDS operator who will manage what applications are available in the environment and configure their internet domain addressing so they can be discovered by end-users. This process shall receive object registration data from connected vehicle devices and applications in order to catalog the available services and their locations. This process shall provide discovery information (addressing, other protocols) to authorized users. This process shall also support the security credentials management and distribution function with data on misbehaving systems and applications. This process shall respond when requested by the credentials management function when updates are made concerning security policy and/or network information. This process shall interact with a Cooperative ITS Certificate Management System (CCMS) to provision, enroll and receive authentication certificates in order to communicate with other connected vehicle systems. This process shall send notices of misbehaving devices to the CCMS. Upon receipt of a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) from the CCMS this process shall no longer accept messages from those devices as authentic.

This process is associated with the Object Registration and Discovery Service physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: