Manage Roadside Parking Facility Communications

This process shall manage the interface between a parking facility and equipped connected vehicles using wireless short range communications to detect, count, classify incoming vehicles, process payments using short range communications, and present parking information to drivers via short-range communications transmitters (e.g. in-vehicle signing) that are located in and managed by parking facilities. The information presented shall include parking facility features (e.g. height restrictions), status, parking availability, locations of available spaces, current parking rates, and guidance to entrances and exits. The process shall accept information to be output from other processes, accept control commands from the parking operator, and provide device status back to the parking operator. By detecting the messages being transmitted by the connected vehicles this process shall detect, count, and optionally classify vehicles at designated locations within a parking facility, including entries and exits, transition points between parking areas (e.g., ramps between garage levels), or in individual parking spaces. The process shall provide sensor status back to the parking operator.

This process is associated with the Roadside Equipment physical object.

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