Determine Roadway M&C Needs

This process shall determine the need for roadway maintenance and construction activities based on current and forecasted weather information, current usage of treatments and materials, available resources, requests for action by other agencies, identification of faulty roadside equipment and transportation infrastructure, and recommendations from the Provide M&C Maintenance Decision Support function. This shall include routine maintenance such as cleaning, cutting, field equipment repair, etc. This process shall collect sensor status, identify fault conditions, identify infrastructure conditions, and log faults that have been detected by processes in the Manage Maintenance and Construction, Manage Traffic, and Provide Driver and Traveler Services functions. Once roadway treatment needs are established by this process, the recommended maintenance activity shall be output to the Schedule M&C Activities function or directly to the Manage M&C Vehicle Fleet function, depending upon the urgency of the request. A record of roadway maintenance needs shall be output to another process for archival.

This process is associated with the Maint and Constr Management Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

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