Provide Interface for Transit Service Raw Data

This process shall provide and manage the interface to the store in which the raw transit service data is held. This data shall be sent to the process by the routes and schedules generation processes, which are the only other processes permitted to access the store, and then in read-only mode. The received data shall be loaded into the store and distributed by this process to the three processes that are responsible for distributing the data within the Transit Management Center, to other local ITS functions, and to other Transit Management Centers (Other Transit Management), respectively. The process shall read data from the store and return it to whichever of the other three processes has made a data request. Data shall also be received by the process from other transit centers (Other Transit Management) and from multimodal transportation service providers. The process shall load this data into the data store for use by the local route and schedule generation processes. In order to share transfer cluster data between multimodal transportation service providers, transfer clusters will initially be introduced from the multimodal transportation service provider into this process, stored in the data store of raw data, sent as part of external data to another process, where it is returned to the multimodal transportation service provider as processed data.

This process is associated with the Transit Management Center physical object.

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