6.5.9: Provide Traveler Alert Interface

This process shall provide alerts to travelers based on user-configurable parameters and thresholds (traveler_personal_alert_subscriptions, vehicle_alert_subscriptions) and equipment capabilities/preferences (traveler_personal_profile, vehicle_profile). The process shall receive requests for alerting information from personal devices and in-vehicle units. These requests may include location, search radius, drive or bus route, and relevant timeframe(s), as well as threshold values to customize alerts to the traveler based on severity level, congestion, schedule delay, etc. This process forwards the request to the ISP data collector functions which return traffic congestion, transit schedule delays or interruptions, incidents, border delays, special events, parking availability, air and ferry service issues, and road/weather conditions alerting information specific to the request parameters. This process applies the thresholds, and issues the alerts to the traveler. The content and format of these messages shall be based upon parameters which are managed by the ISP operator.

This process is associated with the Transportation Information Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: