Manage Drayage Equipment Fleet

This process shall be responsible for coordinating commercial vehicle transportation for drayage freight equipment in response to a drayage booking - a short-haul movement of freight, typically between a shipping customer and an intermodal terminal in the region. This process shall make freight equipment assignments utilizing availability status information collected directly from the Freight Equipment terminator. In addition, this process shall make use of location information from the Monitor Drayage Routing process in determining equipment assignment. Equipment assignment information shall also be provided to the Manage Commercial Vehicle Fleet process that manages overall fleet operations. This process shall obtain and store freight equipment routes from the Manage Commercial Vehicle Fleet function. Planned freight routes shall be provided to the Manage Drayage Routing process in support of in-transit route monitoring. This process shall configure the Freight Equipment sensors to monitor maintenance and operational characteristics and to determine reporting schedule (i.e. supply chain events, heartbeat signal, etc.). This process shall provide coordination of freight data with the Intermodal Terminal and the Intermodal Customer. Specific instructions shall be provided to this process by the Provide Drayage Assignment Optimization process.

This process is associated with the Freight Distribution and Logistics Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

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