Provide Freight Distribution Booking Interface

This process is responsible for providing the interface to an intermodal customer to setup transportation for freight equipment for distribution, either long-haul, short-haul or drayage movements. The process shall receive notice of available loads from the intermodal customer including the type of cargo to be picked up and any special request for the handling of the cargo. The process shall also manage an interface with Other Freight Distribution and Logistics Centers to coordinate load matching between centers. This will be processed and the booking information along with the trip identification number will be forwarded to the 'Provide Freight Manager Drayage Interface' for processing. The fleet manager's response, which may include a request for additional information or a confirmation number, shall be forwarded to the shipper/customer in the form of the booking status. This process shall receive information regarding the driver assigned to transport freight equipment by a commercial vehicle. Once the booking has been finalized, the freight booking information, which includes driver assignment information, is forwarded to the Intermodal Terminal and Intermodal Customer.

This process is associated with the Freight Distribution and Logistics Center physical object.

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