3.1.2: Carry-out Safety Analysis

This process shall be responsible for analyzing a set of incoming safety data related to the vehicle, the driver, other passengers/occupants, nearby vehicles, and the environment based on data from onboard sensors or from messages provided by other vehicles. This process shall determine that a safety warning is appropriate and shall produce safety warnings for display to the driver and output to the vehicle control processes. The process shall base its output on input from another process in the vehicle that is analyzing inputs to sensors. When data about a safety situation is received, the process shall output the appropriate messages to another process in the vehicle to warn the driver. If the vehicle is so equipped, the process shall send data to the process in the vehicle responsible for its control. If the safety data input indicates that the vehicle is now braking then this process shall determine whether it is appropriate to cancel the warnings. On the other hand, a hard braking event may still indicate a potential safety warning. This process shall include a hard braking warning in the warnings going to the driver. This process shall use the vehicle characteristics and the location data to determine if a potential safety warning is warranted based on restrictions on the size or weight of the vehicle and the current location.

This process is associated with the Vehicle OBE physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: