4.1.7: Provide Transit Advisory Interface on Vehicle

This process shall provide a data input and output interface for a traveler on-board a transit vehicle. The process shall enable traffic and travel advisory information, plus yellow pages (including non-motorized transportation) information to be requested and output to the traveler. The process shall gather transit advisory data to construct the outputs of the process. The data may include alerts and advisories pertaining to major emergencies, or man-made disasters. The interface shall receive requests from the traveler specifying the required destination of a transit service ride and other (yellow pages) type services. The traveler may also request and receive information about the state of traffic on the roadway, as well as transit route and stop data (i.e., traffic and transit advisory data). Outputs are customized to the current location of the transit vehicle. In addition to the traveler's request/response for information, broadcast advisories about the imminent arrival of the transit vehicle at the next stop or security announcements are also communicated to travelers via an on-board automated annunciation system. This process shall support transit connection protection by forwarding requests from passengers that require a transfer to another bus to the process that will determine the overall transit vehicle's status which will in turn make requests to request a schedule deviation if necessary. This process shall receive the responses to transit connection protection requests and make them available to the passengers on board. The input and output forms shall also include those that are suitable for travelers with physical disabilities.

This process is associated with the Transit Vehicle OBE physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

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