Bill Driver for Parking Lot Charges

This process shall be responsible for obtaining payment for either the current or advanced parking lot charge. The process shall achieve this either by requesting that the charge be deducted from the credit being stored by the vehicle payment device that is acting as the traveler card / payment device, or informing the driver that payment for the charge will be debited from the credit identity provided by the vehicle payment device. Before sending data to the device, the process shall check that either the credit identity is not already in the list of bad payers, or the stored credit is not less that the parking lot charge. If either of these conditions is true the process shall send a request to obtain an image of the driver and vehicle which can be forwarded to the appropriate enforcement agency via another process. When the appropriate payment transaction has been completed, the parking lot entry time data shall be cleared from the vehicle payment device so that it can be used for the next visit by the vehicle to a parking lot. The vehicle payment device may be in the form of some type of credit or debit card, or an electronic purse. Details of the transaction shall always be sent to the process that manages parking lot transactions which will also send details to the financial institution if a credit or debit card is involved. Where an advanced parking lot charge payment is identified, no action is taken if the credit identity is on the bad payers list, or the stored credit is less than the charge, other than the payment is not confirmed.

This process is associated with the Parking Management System physical object.

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