Read Vehicle Payment Data for Tolls

This process shall be responsible for requesting the data from the vehicle payment device being carried on-board the vehicle and used as a traveler card / payment device. If there is no such device or the data it contains cannot be properly read, this process shall provide a message for the vehicle operator to contact the toll authority (or toll system operator). The process shall send a request to other processes to obtain an image of the vehicle. If the vehicle is exiting a closed toll system the data shall be checked by this process to see if it contains an entry point toll segment number. If not present, the process would be referred to another process for off-line resolution. If the toll segment identity is present, it shall be combined with the vehicle characteristics, e.g., size, type, etc., to form the data upon which the toll payment transaction can be based, and the data sent to another process. If the vehicle is entering a closed toll system, the entry point toll segment shall be written onto the vehicle payment device so that it can be used as the mechanism for charging for the use of the toll road.

This process is associated with the ITS Roadway Payment Equipment physical object.

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