Close HRI on Detection

This process is responsible for protecting highway vehicles approaching and crossing railroad grade crossings by initiating the closure up to 3 minutes before train arrival. This process receives the near term status of the crossing including any approaching trains or trapped vehicles. With this information along with the local control plan data the predicted HRI state is computed and sent to the Detect Imminent Vehicle/Train Collision process. If a HRI_predicted_collision message is returned then this process sends out an hri_hazard message to the Detect HRI Hazard which will in turn result in a change to the device control strategy. This process also receives rail operations advisories for processing along with the state and control plan data. As needed this process will output any rail_operations_message data to the Interact with Rail Operations process.

This process is associated with the ITS Roadway Equipment physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

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