4.6.1: Manage Transit Fare Billing on Vehicle

This process shall manage the traveler fare payments on-board a transit vehicle. This process shall detect embarking travelers on-board a transit vehicle and read data from the traveler card / payment device that they are carrying. The process shall provide an image of all travelers which shall be used for violation processing of those who do not have a traveler card / payment device or whose transit fare transaction fails. It shall obtain an image of the required accuracy under all lighting conditions and over the range of speeds with which travelers will pass through the fare collection point on a transit vehicle. The process shall receive information about the fare that is to be paid and the method of payment adopted by the traveler. It shall always support two modes of operation to complete the back end financial processing: infrastructure interactive, or semi-autonomous batch processing. The interactive method shall be used for individual transactions, such as those in paratransit type operations where value/volume ratios are high. It shall send traveler fare payment data to processes in the Provide Electronic Payment Services function for financial authorization and transaction processing, plus the return of the result for display to the traveler. A failed transaction shall result in the transmission of an image of the traveler to another process. Batch processing shall be used by the process for routes where value/volume ratios are low. It shall be performed using all the same data flows and processes as in the interactive method, except that transaction records are queued in a transaction buffer store which shall be maintained by this process. The accumulated data for the fare transactions shall be sent to the Provide Electronic Payment Services function to request payment processing of one or more transit fare transactions from on-board a transit vehicle. The accumulated data shall be sent on command from the transit vehicle operator, or when the transit vehicle has reached a convenient point on its route. The transit vehicle operator shall be notified when batch processing has completed successfully. In either mode of operation, a record of the status of all transit fare processing shall be sent to an interface process for the fare collection storage database.

This process is associated with the Transit Vehicle OBE physical object.

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