5.1.4: Manage Emergency Response

This process shall enable existing emergency centers to receive emergency calls, determine response requirements to the extent necessary to route the information, route distress calls and emergency information to predesignated responding agencies and vehicles, and request additional resources. All identified emergency information shall be provided by the process in a standard format as required. The process shall also communicate with commercial fleet managers to obtain details of cargo and other vehicle data where this will affect the response of the emergency services, e.g., in the case of a vehicle carrying a HAZMAT load. This process shall provide responding vehicles with the information needed to adequately respond to an incident including any details available about the nature of the incident, status of the driver, and details on the occupants. This process shall provide the capability to send a notice to commercial fleet managers to safely disable a commercial vehicle that may be involved in an unauthorized access or other emergency situation. The current status of all emergency service responses shall be stored by the process in an action log, for access by the communications process. This process shall receive roadway maintenance status, work zone status, and work plan information from the Manage Maintenance and Construction function, and provide feedback regarding the work plan to that function. This process shall identify and request maintenance actions and resources from that same function. The process shall also request and receive environmental information from the Weather Service and Surface Transportation Weather Service, and shall receive transportation system operations information relevant to emergency operations. In the case of emergency situations involving biological, chemical, or other medically hazardous agents, this process shall communicate with the Public Health System to determine the best course of action. This process shall request and receive status on the use of resources to respond to an incident from the Manage Traffic function. The process shall receive updates to the responses to the current traffic incidents from the Manage Traffic function, including any changes to traffic control strategies, commercial vehicle restrictions, HRI overrides, or evacuation procedures.

This process is associated with the Emergency Management Center physical object.

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