Provide Traffic Operations Personnel Incident Data Interface

This process shall provide the interface between the traffic operations personnel and the Manage Incidents facility of the Manage Traffic function. It shall enable the personnel to request and amend details of current incidents, planned events, wide area alerts, and predetermined incident responses. The process shall provide an interface to a decision support process that identifies the potential regional impact of recommended courses of action to traffic operations personnel, and shall accept control parameters from personnel. This process shall allow personnel to manually reclassify incidents as possible or current or a planned event. It shall also output to the traffic operations personnel incident details to which no predetermined response currently exists. The process shall support inputs from and outputs to the traffic operations personnel. Where appropriate and/or requested by the traffic operations personnel, the process shall provide the output 'display' in a form incorporating a map of the relevant part(s) of the freeways, surface street and rural roadways served by the function. The process shall obtain the map from a local data store, which it shall request to be updated by another process as and when required. This process shall also receive advisory data from outside of ITS via the Alerting and Advisory Systems terminator. Advisories may cause the response plans to be established and activated based on the type or timing of the advisory.

This process is associated with the Traffic Management Center physical object.

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