Manage Local Signal Preemption Requests

This process shall receive indicator (e.g., signal) preemption requests from other functions within ITS. These requests shall enable the process to give selected vehicles (e.g., those that belong to Emergency Services) signal preemption at intersections, pedestrian crossings, and multimodal crossings in the freeways, surface streets and rural roadways served by the Manage Traffic function. Sending of the preemption request output shall also generate an output to the monitoring process to suspend its activities while the preemption request is being served. An output indicating preemption has been granted shall be sent to another process to help that process determine whether a fault detected at the signal is a true malfunction or due to a signal override.

This process is associated with the Roadside Equipment physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: