4.7.1: Provide Traveler Roadside & Vehicle Data Interface

This process shall provide public transit information to Travelers at roadside locations. These locations may consist of transit vehicle stops or other locations that provide general public transit information. The process shall enable the roadside unit to obtain information about the transit services on request from the local traveler interface process and to receive data about late running services from other processes within the Manage Transit function. This process shall also provide the roadside (transit stop) interface through which travelers receive information about an approaching transit vehicle or one that has already arrived. This process shall also provide transit facility parking information and information pertaining to wide area alerts such as major emergencies. The process shall output the data to the traveler as soon as it is received and shall load all data into the local store for future use. Output of the data shall be maintained until the vehicle leaves the stop, when the process shall cease output of the data and delete it from the local store. The input and output forms shall include those that are suitable for travelers with physical disabilities.

This process is associated with the Public Information Device physical object.

This process is associated with the following application objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: