Calculate Vehicle Route

This process shall calculate trip planning and real-time dynamic guidance routes for all types of vehicles. The route data provided by the process in response to requests from vehicles using infrastructure based in-vehicle guidance shall only contain data necessary for the vehicle to provide guidance (since the data is intended for use by an in-vehicle navigation unit). The route provided for trip planning purposes shall contain data in a form which can be presented to a traveler via display (or alternatively in audio form). The process shall select the route according to the data included in the route request. Data provided by the requesting process includes preferences and constraints. The process shall have the capability of using current and/or predicted conditions of the road network in route calculation. The process shall have the capability of including additional factors such as current or forecasted weather in the calculation of route. If the process cannot find the data it needs in the route_segment_details_data store, it shall request the process responsible for providing route calculation data to obtain it from the appropriate source. The process shall have the capability of outputting routes for special priority vehicles to the Manage Traffic function so that signal preemption could be provided for the special priority vehicle. The process shall send details of logged special vehicle routes including commercial vehicles with hazardous or unusual loads or other special vehicles to the Manage Incidents function within Manage Traffic for monitoring (as a potential incident, or a planned event). Route guidance data and vehicle guidance route requests and acceptances shall be sent to the data archival process.

This process is associated with the Transportation Information Center physical object.

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