protected location and address flow Quintuple

Bidirectional?: False

protected location and address flow (A-Interconnect): This CVRIA application interconnect encapsulates all of the Layer 2 information flows between two application objects: 'PPG Privacy Services', and 'CCMS Misbehavior Reporting and Action'. In this case, there is only a single Layer 2 flow associated with this interconnect, so the Layer 1 application interconnect name and the Layer 2 information flow name are both 'protected location and address flow'. This application interconnect is uni-directional since the underlying layer 2 information flows go from 'Privacy Protection Gateway' to 'Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System'.

Privacy Protection Gateway (Source Physical Object): The 'Privacy Protection Gateway' is a support system that obscures the network identifiers of mobile devices. A device may communicate to any center using the PPG.

PPG Privacy Services (Source Application Object): "PPG Privacy Services" operates as a proxy, replacing the mobile device's network address with the PPG's, and tagging the message so that it can return replies to the mobile device.

Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System (Destination Physical Object): The 'Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System' (CCMS) is a high-level aggregate representation of the interconnected systems that enable trusted communications between mobile devices and other mobile devices, roadside devices, and centers and protect data they handle from unauthorized access. Representing the different interconnected systems that make up a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), this physical object represents an end user view of the credentials management system with focus on the exchanges between the CCMS and user devices that support the secure distribution, use, and revocation of trust credentials.

CCMS Misbehavior Reporting and Action (Destination Application Object): "CCMS Misbehavior Reporting and Action" components process misbehavior reports from end entities. Misbehavior reports are analyzed and investigated if warranted. Investigated misbehavior reports are correlated with end entities and systemic issues are identified. If revocation is warranted, this component provides information to Authorization or Revocation components to initiate revocation and/or blacklisting, as appropriate.