field personnel device location monitoring and advisories Quintuple

Bidirectional?: True

field personnel device location monitoring and advisories (A-Interconnect): This CVRIA application interconnect encapsulates all of the Layer 2 information flows between two application objects: 'EV On-Board Safety Monitoring', and 'Personal Work Zone Safety'. This application interconnect is bi-directional since the underlying layer 2 information flows carry data in both directions.

Emergency Vehicle OBE (Source Physical Object): The Emergency Vehicle On-Board Equipment (OBE) resides in an emergency vehicle and provides the processing, storage, and communications functions that support public safety-related connected vehicle applications. It represents a range of vehicles including those operated by police, fire, and emergency medical services. In addition, it represents other incident response vehicles including towing and recovery vehicles and freeway service patrols. It includes two-way communications to support coordinated response to emergencies. In CVRIA, a separate 'Vehicle OBE' physical object supports the general V2V and V2I safety applications and other applications that apply to all vehicles, including emergency vehicles. The Emergency Vehicle OBE supplements these general capabilities with capabilities that are specific to emergency vehicles.

EV On-Board Safety Monitoring (Source Application Object): "EV On-Board Safety Monitoring" detects vehicle intrusions in the vicinity of the vehicle and warns emergency personnel of imminent encroachment. Personnel movements in the vicinity of the vehicle are also monitored so that the personnel can be warned of movement beyond a designated safe zone.

Personal Information Device (Destination Physical Object): The 'Personal Information Device' provides the capability for travelers to receive formatted traveler information wherever they are. Capabilities include traveler information, trip planning, and route guidance. Frequently a smart phone, the Personal Information Device provides travelers with the capability to receive route planning and other personally focused transportation services from the infrastructure in the field, at home, at work, or while en-route. Personal Information Devices may operate independently or may be linked with connected vehicle on-board equipment.

Personal Work Zone Safety (Destination Application Object): The "Personal Work Zone Safety" application improves maintenance and construction crew safety by providing crew location information to the infrastructure that can be used to avoid collisions involving the work crew. The application may also alert workers if they travel beyond the designated safe zone. The information provided and the user interface delivery mechanism (visual, audible, or haptic) can also be tailored to the needs of the user that is carrying or wearing the device that hosts the application.