private location and address flow Quintuple

Bidirectional?: False

private location and address flow (A-Interconnect): This CVRIA application interconnect encapsulates all of the Layer 2 information flows between two application objects: 'Vehicle Trust Management', and 'PPG Privacy Services'. In this case, there is only a single Layer 2 flow associated with this interconnect, so the Layer 1 application interconnect name and the Layer 2 information flow name are both 'private location and address flow'. This application interconnect is uni-directional since the underlying layer 2 information flows go from 'Vehicle OBE' to 'Privacy Protection Gateway'.

Vehicle OBE (Source Physical Object): The Vehicle On-Board Equipment (OBE) provides the vehicle-based processing, storage, and communications functions necessary to support connected vehicle operations. The radio(s) supporting V2V and V2I communications are a key component of the Vehicle OBE. This communication platform is augmented with processing and data storage capability that supports the connected vehicle applications.

In CVRIA, the Vehicle OBE includes the functions and interfaces that support connected vehicle applications for passenger cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Many of these applications (e.g., V2V Safety applications) apply to all vehicle types including personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, transit vehicles, and maintenance vehicles. From this perspective, the Vehicle OBE includes the common interfaces and functions that apply to all motorized vehicles.

Vehicle Trust Management (Source Application Object): "Vehicle Trust Management" manages the certificates and associated keys that are used to sign, encrypt, decrypt, and authenticate messages. It communicates with the Security and Credentials Management System to maintain a current, valid set of security certificates and identifies, logs, and reports events that may indicate a threat to the Connected Vehicle Environment security.

Privacy Protection Gateway (Destination Physical Object): The 'Privacy Protection Gateway' is a support system that obscures the network identifiers of mobile devices. A device may communicate to any center using the PPG.

PPG Privacy Services (Destination Application Object): "PPG Privacy Services" operates as a proxy, replacing the mobile device's network address with the PPG's, and tagging the message so that it can return replies to the mobile device.