interactive traveler information and traveler sourced data Quintuple

Bidirectional?: True

interactive traveler information and traveler sourced data (A-Interconnect): This CVRIA application interconnect encapsulates all of the Layer 2 information flows between the 'Personal Interactive Traveler Information' application object and the 'Social Media' physical object. This application interconnect is bi-directional since the underlying layer 2 information flows carry data in both directions.

Social Media (Source Physical Object): 'Social Media' provides forums for social interaction and opportunities for gathering and distributing traveler information. These sites provide crowd sourced information and the opportunity to provide traveler information to specific communities of interest. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each social media platform offers its own tools and API that allow integration of web content into a shared social media experience.

Personal Information Device (Destination Physical Object): The 'Personal Information Device' provides the capability for travelers to receive formatted traveler information wherever they are. Capabilities include traveler information, trip planning, and route guidance. Frequently a smart phone, the Personal Information Device provides travelers with the capability to receive route planning and other personally focused transportation services from the infrastructure in the field, at home, at work, or while en-route. Personal Information Devices may operate independently or may be linked with connected vehicle on-board equipment.

Personal Interactive Traveler Information (Destination Application Object): "Personal Interactive Traveler Information" provides traffic information, road conditions, transit information, yellow pages (traveler services) information, special event information, and other traveler information that is specifically tailored based on the traveler's request and/or previously submitted traveler profile information. It also supports interactive services that support enrollment, account management, and payments for transportation services. The interactive traveler information capability is provided by personal devices including personal computers and personal portable devices such as smart phones.