The table below lists the Roles that comprise the Enterprise View of the Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture.

Role Name Description
Accountable An Accountable Enterprise has decision making authority, and is ultimately fiscally responsible for a Resource. An Accountable enterprise has the "owns" role with respect to the resource for which it is accountable.
Certifies An Enterprise verifies that a target Resource meets relevant performance, functional, environmental and quality requirements.
Constrains A Resource or Enterprise applies requirements, constraints and associated tests to another Resource.
Consulted A Consulted Enterprise is one that can provide information about a Resource or Document.
Develops An Enterprise creates the target Resource or Document.
Informed An Informed Enterprise is one that may need to be updated with regard to a Resource or Document.
Installs An Enterprise performs the initial delivery, integration and configuration of the target Resource.
Maintains An Enterprise administers the hardware and software that comprise the target Resource.
Member An Enterprise is part of another larger, target Enterprise.
Operates An Enterprise controls the functionality and state of the target Resource. An Enterprise that Operates a resource is considered Responsible.
Owns An Enterprise has financial ownership and control over the Resource. An Enterprise that Owns a resource is considered Accountable.
Responsible A Responsible Enterprise performs an activity or task.