Link Type: Network Time Protocol

Network Time Source --> Center:


time (Information Flow): Current time expressed in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) format from a Stratum-2 time server.

Network Time Source (Source Physical Object): The 'Network Time Source' represents the external time source the Connected Vehicle Service Monitor System uses as the basis for time. This is likely implemented as a Stratum-2 Network Time Server that is 2 steps removed from a basic time source (e.g., atomic clock).

Center (Destination Physical Object): This general physical object is used to model core capabilities that are common to any center.

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This profile includes a collection of standards that support the Network Time Protocol that allows NTP servers to provide time synchronization services to other NTP servers and clients.



Characteristic Value
Time Context Now
Spatial Context Adjacent
Acknowledgement False
Cardinality Unicast
Initiator Destination


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Information Flow Security
Application Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Basis Basis Basis
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