Link Type: Human Interface

Personal Information Device --> Pedestrians:
personal updates


personal updates (Information Flow): Personal information, alerts, and warnings provided to pedestrians, work crew members, and other individuals in a mixed use area. This includes visual, audio, and haptic outputs that may be customized to support individual needs.

Personal Information Device (Source Physical Object): The 'Personal Information Device' provides the capability for travelers to receive formatted traveler information wherever they are. Capabilities include traveler information, trip planning, and route guidance. Frequently a smart phone, the Personal Information Device provides travelers with the capability to receive route planning and other personally focused transportation services from the infrastructure in the field, at home, at work, or while en-route. Personal Information Devices may operate independently or may be linked with connected vehicle on-board equipment.

Pedestrians (Destination Physical Object): 'Pedestrians' participate in connected vehicle applications that support safe, shared use of the transportation network by motorized and non-motorized transportation modes. Representing those using non-motorized travel modes, pedestrians provide input (e.g. a call signal requesting right of way at an intersection) and may be detected by connected vehicle applications to improve safety. Note that pedestrians represent all non-motorized users, including bicyclists.

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The destination physical object, "Pedestrians", is a human interface and so there is no associated communications diagram for this triple.



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Information Flow Security
Application Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Basis Basis Basis
Pedestrian in Signalized Crosswalk Warning Not Applicable Moderate Moderate
This data is informing the pedestrian about the safety of the intersections. It should not contain anything sensitive, and does not matter if another person can observe it. This is the information that is presented to the individual. If they receive incorrect information, they may act in an unsafe manner. However, there are other indicators that would alert them to any hazards, such as an oncoming vehicle or crossing safety lights. If this information is not made available to the pedestrian, then the system has not operated correctly.