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Emissions Management Center --> Emissions Management Operator:
pollution data display


pollution data display (Information Flow): Presentation of information to the operator supporting both area-wide air quality monitoring and vehicle emissions monitoring. Includes both reference and current pollution status details for a given geographic area.

Emissions Management Center (Source Physical Object): The 'Emissions Management Center' provides the capabilities for air quality managers to monitor and manage air quality. These capabilities include collecting emissions data from distributed emissions sensors (included in ITS Roadway Equipment in CVRIA) and directly from connected vehicles. The sensors monitor general air quality and also monitor the emissions of individual vehicles on the roadway. The measures are collected, processed, and used to support environmental monitoring applications.

Emissions Management Operator (Destination Physical Object): The 'Emissions Management Operator' represents personnel that monitor, operate, and manage emissions monitoring and management systems. These personnel monitor system operation and monitor collected emissions and air quality information and direct system operation through data and command inputs.

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