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Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE --> Maint and Constr Vehicle Databus:
maint and constr vehicle control


maint and constr vehicle control (Information Flow): Control data sent from on-board ITS systems to control maintenance and construction vehicle equipment, including control of materials dispersion rate and other control functions that will vary with vehicle type and application.

Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE (Source Physical Object): The 'Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE' resides in a maintenance, construction, or other specialized service vehicle or equipment and provides the processing, storage, and communications functions necessary to support highway maintenance and construction. All types of maintenance and construction vehicles are covered, including heavy equipment and supervisory vehicles. The MCV OBE provides two-way communications between drivers/operators and dispatchers and maintains and communicates current location and status information. A wide range of operational status is monitored, measured, and made available, depending on the specific type of vehicle or equipment. A snow plow for example, would monitor whether the plow is up or down and material usage information. The Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE may also contain capabilities to monitor vehicle systems to support maintenance of the vehicle itself and include sensors that monitor environmental conditions such as road condition and surface weather information. This can include a diverse set of mobile environmental sensing platforms, including wheeled vehicles and any other vehicle that collects and reports environmental information. In CVRIA, a separate 'Vehicle OBE' physical object supports the general V2V and V2I safety applications and other applications that apply to all vehicles, including maintenance and construction vehicles. The Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE supplements these general applications with applications that are specific to maintenance and construction vehicles.

Maint and Constr Vehicle Databus (Destination Physical Object): The 'Maint and Constr Vehicle Databus' represents the interface to a vehicle databus that provides access to the maintenance-related sensors, GPS, drive train monitoring and control systems, and maintenance control systems that support connected vehicle applications. In CVRIA, this physical object is used to represent the onboard interactions between the OBE and the other systems included in a host vehicle. This interface is used to control the non-ITS systems such as the actual operation of the snow plow, as well as any non-ITS sensor equipment that monitors the amount of materials (e.g., sand or salt) on-board.

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This partial profile, showing only physical objects and flow, describes communications between equipment that reside on the vehicle. The CVRIA does not contain any specific information on standards for on-board vehicle communications.



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