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Pedestrians --> Personal Information Device:
personal input


personal input (Information Flow): User input to a personal device. This flow may request traveler information, request right of way, summon assistance, make a reservation, or request any other traveler service. This flow also establishes the settings that tailor each application to suit the user's needs.

Pedestrians (Source Physical Object): 'Pedestrians' participate in connected vehicle applications that support safe, shared use of the transportation network by motorized and non-motorized transportation modes. Representing those using non-motorized travel modes, pedestrians provide input (e.g. a call signal requesting right of way at an intersection) and may be detected by connected vehicle applications to improve safety. Note that pedestrians represent all non-motorized users, including bicyclists.

Personal Information Device (Destination Physical Object): The 'Personal Information Device' provides the capability for travelers to receive formatted traveler information wherever they are. Capabilities include traveler information, trip planning, and route guidance. Frequently a smart phone, the Personal Information Device provides travelers with the capability to receive route planning and other personally focused transportation services from the infrastructure in the field, at home, at work, or while en-route. Personal Information Devices may operate independently or may be linked with connected vehicle on-board equipment.

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