Link Type: Human Interface

Emergency Personnel --> Emergency Vehicle OBE:
emergency personnel input


emergency personnel input (Information Flow): User input from emergency personnel in the field including dispatch coordination, incident status information, and remote device control requests.

Emergency Personnel (Source Physical Object): 'Emergency Personnel' represents personnel that are responsible for police, fire, emergency medical services, towing, service patrols, and other special response team (e.g., hazardous material clean-up) activities at an incident site. These personnel are associated with the Emergency Vehicle during dispatch to the incident site, but often work independently of the Emergency Vehicle while providing their incident response services.

Emergency Vehicle OBE (Destination Physical Object): The Emergency Vehicle On-Board Equipment (OBE) resides in an emergency vehicle and provides the processing, storage, and communications functions that support public safety-related connected vehicle applications. It represents a range of vehicles including those operated by police, fire, and emergency medical services. In addition, it represents other incident response vehicles including towing and recovery vehicles and freeway service patrols. It includes two-way communications to support coordinated response to emergencies. In CVRIA, a separate 'Vehicle OBE' physical object supports the general V2V and V2I safety applications and other applications that apply to all vehicles, including emergency vehicles. The Emergency Vehicle OBE supplements these general capabilities with capabilities that are specific to emergency vehicles.

Communication Diagrams

The source physical object, "Emergency Personnel", is a human interface and so there is no associated communications diagram for this triple.



None defined


This information flow triple is in the following applications with the following security levels.

Information Flow Security
Application Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Basis Basis Basis
Emergency Vehicle Preemption Moderate Moderate Moderate
Some of the information, such as incident status information, is sensitive, and should be protected. The system must know that these requests came from actual Emergency Personal. Additionally, incorrect information here may lead to the system responding incorrectly to the incident These messages are important for the system to operate properly. Additionally, the system must know if messages are not received so that it can act accordingly.