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border clearance status


border clearance status (Information Flow): Notification regarding the crossing status of commercial freight shipment scheduled to enter the U.S. Includes portions of border agency and transportation agency clearance results, as they become available.

Commercial Vehicle Administration Center (Source Physical Object): The 'Commercial Vehicle Administration Center' performs administrative functions supporting credentials, tax, and safety regulations associated with commercial vehicles. It issues credentials, collects fees and taxes, and supports enforcement of credential requirements. It communicates with motor carriers to process credentials applications and collect fuel taxes, weight/distance taxes, and other taxes and fees associated with commercial vehicle operations. It also receives applications for, and issues special Oversize/Overweight and HAZMAT permits in coordination with cognizant authorities. It coordinates with other Commercial Vehicle Administration Centers (in other states/regions) to support nationwide access to credentials and safety information for administration and enforcement functions. It communicates with field equipment to enable credential checking and safety information collection at the roadside. It makes safety information available to qualified stakeholders to identify carriers and drivers that operate unsafely.

Fleet and Freight Management Center (Destination Physical Object): The 'Fleet and Freight Management Center' provides the capability for commercial drivers and fleet-freight managers to receive real-time routing information and access databases containing vehicle and/or freight equipment locations as well as carrier, vehicle, freight equipment and driver information. The 'Fleet and Freight Management Center' also provides the capability for fleet managers to monitor the safety and security of their commercial vehicle drivers and fleet.

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Characteristic Value
Time Context Recent
Spatial Context Regional
Acknowledgement True
Cardinality Unicast
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Information Flow Security
Application Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Basis Basis Basis
Border Management Systems High Low Moderate
This includes information regarding what is being shipped across the border, which contains highly sensitive information. This also includes data regarding clearance results, which is also sensitive. This flow contains information about a significant number of shipments, which increases the value of this data. This information is useful for fleet-fright managers to know, however, they will also be receiving similar information from other sources. A false message here may cause confusion, but there will be other sources of data, such as the vehicles GPS that would help clear this up. This information is not acted upon in the Border Management System. It provides a useful service to the users, but the lack of a message would not cause the Border Management System to be harmed in any way. It is necessary for the sender to know if the message was received.