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Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System --> Other CCMS:
revocation coordination

This triple is bi-directional. See also Other CCMS --> Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System: revocation coordination


revocation coordination (Information Flow): Sharing of revocation policies, Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs), and internal blacklists, and other information that supports revocation process coordination with another CCMS.

Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System (Source Physical Object): The 'Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System' (CCMS) is a high-level aggregate representation of the interconnected systems that enable trusted communications between mobile devices and other mobile devices, roadside devices, and centers and protect data they handle from unauthorized access. Representing the different interconnected systems that make up a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), this physical object represents an end user view of the credentials management system with focus on the exchanges between the CCMS and user devices that support the secure distribution, use, and revocation of trust credentials.

Other CCMS (Destination Physical Object): Representing another Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System (CCMS), 'Other CCMS' is intended to provide a source and destination for information exchange between peer credentials management systems. It supports modeling of projects or regions that include multiple interconnected CCMS that manage credentials distribution and management in the connected vehicle environment.

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This profile identifies applicable standards for secure communications with the Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System (CCMS).



Characteristic Value
Time Context Recent
Spatial Context National
Acknowledgement True
Cardinality Unicast
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