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Field Support Equipment --> Maint and Constr Field Personnel:
equipment status presentation


equipment status presentation (Information Flow): Presentation of operational status of field equipment (sensors, signals, signs, controllers, etc.) to field personnel.

Field Support Equipment (Source Physical Object): 'Field Support Equipment' represents the portable equipment used by field personnel to locally troubleshoot, initialize, reprogram, and test infrastructure equipment. It may include a laptop, specialized diagnostics tools, or any other general purpose or specialized equipment that is interfaced locally to infrastructure equipment to support maintenance and repair.

Maint and Constr Field Personnel (Destination Physical Object): Represents the people that perform maintenance and construction field activities including vehicle and equipment operators, field supervisory personnel, field crews, and work zone safety personnel. Information flowing from the Maintenance and Construction Field Personnel will include those system inputs specific to maintenance and construction operations, such as information regarding work zone status, or the status of maintenance actions. The field personnel are also monitored within the work zone to enhance work zone safety. Information provided to Maintenance and Construction Field Personnel includes dispatch requests, maintenance and construction actions to be performed, and work zone safety warnings.

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