Architecture Use

The Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) includes tools that allow the transportation planner and project developer to use ARC-IT to create their own regional ITS architecture and project architectures, respectively. These tailored architectures are not just references: they are structured descriptions of services provided, relationships required, and items to be deployed, operated, maintained and managed. Regional ITS architectures define a framework for integration for a specific state, metropolitan area, or other region of interest.

ARC-IT includes a broad menu of options that can be selectively tailored and applied to a region using a tool called "Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation" (RAD-IT) (formerly Turbo Architecture). RAD-IT makes it easier to develop regional ITS architectures based on ARC-IT that include all of the necessary elements in a consistent way.

A regional ITS architecture can effectively bridge the gap between strategic planning for an integrated surface transportation system and the ITS projects that support that strategic vision. The principal value of a regional ITS architecture is that it provides a context for projects that include ITS so that each project can build a piece of a larger system. The regional ITS architecture can be used to visualize and articulate the overall ITS system for the region so that all the stakeholders in a region spend their money compatibly instead of competitively. A regional ITS architecture is useful during transportation planning and it provides a starting point for ITS projects. At this point, architecture use shifts to project development as project architectures, concept of operations and high level designs are created. This is the part of the systems engineering process that the "Systems Engineering Tool for Intelligent Transportation" (SET-IT) is designed to support.

architecture use Transportation Planning Project Development Transportation Planning. RAD-IT and the regional ITS architecture it creates are used to support metropolitan and statewide transportation planning. A regional architecture provides a means by which peer agencies can jointly define their vision for ITS development based on regional goals and objectives. Using the regional ITS architecture, a region can plan for technology application and integration to support more effective planning for operations.

Project Development. By starting with the regional ITS architecture, the steps taken by each project will be on the path to fulfilling the broader objectives set forth in the long range transportation plan. A well-maintained regional architecture that is created and maintained using RAD-IT provides context for ITS projects and the initial input for the systems engineering for a project. Once a project has been articulated in RAD-IT, the systems engineer can use SET-IT to develop project specific output. Project-relevant information from RAD-IT can be used within SET-IT to support not only the development of a project architecture, but also the systems engineering documentation such as Concept of Operations and System Architecture Document.

More on ARC-IT Use

See the Tools page for more on RAD-IT and SET-IT.

Consult the Regional ITS Architecture Guidance Document for additional guidance on architecture use.