Traveler Information for Benton-Franklin Regional ITS Architecture Roles and Responsibilities

StakeholderRole and Responsibility
Ben Franklin Transit (BFT) 
Benton County Emergency Services (BCES) 
Benton County Fire Districts 
Benton County Sheriffs Office 
City of Benton City 
City of Connell 
City of Kahlotus 
City of Kennewick 
City of Mesa 
City of Pasco 
City of Prosser 
City of Richland 
City of West Richland 
Franklin County Fire Districts 
Franklin County Sheriffs Office 
Local City Public Works Departments 
Local Police and Fire Departments 
MediaTravel information to public
Mission Support Alliance 
Traveling Public 
Washington State DOT (WSDOT)Travel information on regional state routes
Collect and archive traffic alerts, weather and VMS messaging
Washington State Patrol (WSP)