Physical Objects

This page lists the Physical Objects that comprise the Physical View of the Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture. They are divided up into five categories shown below. Click on one of the tabs to jump to the table for that category.

Each tab is further subdivided to show the different classes of Physical Objects: Centers, Field Equipment, Support Systems, Traveler Devices, and Vehicle-based Equipment. The color coding of the rows is meant to roughly match the color coding used on the application diagrams.

Class Physical Object
Center Alternate Mode Transportation Center
Archived Data Center
Archived Data User Systems
Authorizing Center
Border Inspection Administration Center
Care Facility
Commercial Vehicle Administration Center
Commercial Vehicle OBE Service Provider International Icon
Emergency Management Center
Emergency System Operator
Emergency Telecommunications System
Emissions Management Center
Emissions Management Operator
Enforcement Center
Event Promoters
Financial Center
Fleet and Freight Management Center
Fleet-Freight Manager
Freight Distribution and Logistics Center
Government Reporting Systems
Intermodal Customer System
Maint and Constr Center Personnel
Maint and Constr Management Center
Maintenance and Construction Administrative Systems
Other Authorizing Centers
Other CV Administration Centers
Other CVOBE Service Provider International Icon
Other Emergency Management Centers
Other Freight Distribution and Logistics Centers
Other Payment Administration
Other Traffic Management Centers
Other Transit Management Centers
Other Transportation Information Centers
Payment Administration Center
Payment Administrator
Population and Housing Data Sets
Public Health System
Rail Operations Center
Shelter Provider Center
Social Media
Special Needs Registry
Storage Facility Data Acquisition System
Surface Transportation Weather Service
TIC Operator
Traffic Management Center
Traffic Operations Personnel
Transit Management Center
Transit Operations Personnel
Transportation Information Center
Travel Services Provider System
Weather Service
Field Border Inspection System
Commercial Vehicle Check Equipment
Commercial Vehicle Inspector
Electric Charging Station
Field Location and Time Data Source
Field Support Equipment
Freight Consolidation Station
Intermodal Terminal
ITS Roadway Equipment
ITS Roadway Payment Equipment
Other ITS Roadway Equipment
Parking Management System
Roadside Equipment
Wayside Equipment
Support Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System
Credentials Management System Operator
Data Distribution System
Data Distribution System Operator
MAP GIS Operator
Map Update System
Network Time Source
Object Registration and Discovery Service
ORDS Operator
Other CCMS
Other Data Distribution Systems
Other Map Update Systems
Privacy Protection Gateway
Security Credentials Registry International Icon
Service Monitor System
Service Monitor System Operator
Wide Area Information Disseminator
Traveler Payment Device
Personal Information Device
Personal Location and Time Data Source
Public Information Device
Traveler Card
Vehicle Commercial Vehicle Databus
Commercial Vehicle Driver
Commercial Vehicle OBE
Emergency Personnel
Emergency Vehicle Databus
Emergency Vehicle OBE
Freight Equipment
Maint and Constr Field Personnel
Maint and Constr Vehicle Databus
Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE
On-Board Mass Monitoring Equipment International Icon
Remote EV OBEs
Remote MCV OBEs
Remote Vehicle OBEs
Transit Vehicle Databus
Transit Vehicle OBE
Transit Vehicle Operator
Vehicle Databus
Vehicle Location and Time Data Source
Vehicle OBE

European Union and Australian applications are designated with the International icon (International Icon).