Class: Vehicle

Type: System

Emergency Vehicle Databus


The 'Emergency Vehicle Databus' represents the vehicle databus that interfaces with on-board equipment on a public safety vehicle. It is a specialized and extended form of the Vehicle Databus that may be subject to different vehicle databus standards and hosts a broad range of components that are specific to emergency vehicles including the lightbar/siren and on-board apparatus that supports law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical services. As a specialized form of the Vehicle Databus, it also provides access to the general-purpose sensors (e.g., radars, cameras), GPS, drive train monitoring and control systems, and vehicle safety features that support connected vehicle applications. In CVRIA, the 'Emergency Vehicle Databus' is used to represent the onboard interactions between the Emergency Vehicle OBE and the other systems included in a host emergency vehicle.

This physical object is related to the "Emergency Vehicle Databus" enterprise object resource.

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Emergency Vehicle Preemption
Incident Scene Work Zone Alerts for Drivers and Workers

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