Determine In-Vehicle Guidance Method

This process shall act as the interface for guidance requests received from drivers in vehicles. The process shall select the best method for in-vehicle guidance based on data in the driver's request. Three general methods of route guidance are supported: 1) dynamic (infrastructure based guidance is provided to the vehicle unit), 2) dynamic autonomous (link and queue speed or travel times are obtained from the infrastructure and used by the autonomous in vehicle unit), and autonomous (the in vehicle unit uses only locally available data- there is no information provided by the infrastructure). When dynamic guidance is selected, the vehicle's travel time for each link shall be provided by the process back to a central source of data. If the communications link to the central source fails in either of the modes that use it, the process shall automatically revert to the use of local data only. When the original mode was centralized guidance, the process shall use the last set of guidance data that was received, and if this is not sufficient for the vehicle to reach the requested destination, automatically revert to autonomous guidance using local data only.

This process is associated with the Vehicle OBE physical object.

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