Physical Object: Vehicle OBE

Vehicle Trip Planning and Route Guidance


"Vehicle Trip Planning and Route Guidance" includes the in-vehicle system that coordinates with a traveler information center to provide a personalized trip plan to the driver. The trip plan is calculated by the Transportation Information Center (TIC) based on preferences and constraints supplied by the driver and provided to the driver for confirmation. Reservations and advanced payment may also be processed to confirm the trip plan. Coordination with the TIC may continue during the trip so that the route plan can be modified to account for new information. Many equipment configurations are possible including in-vehicle systems that provide a basic trip plan to the driver as well as more sophisticated systems that can provide turn by turn guidance to the driver along the route.

This application object is included in the "Vehicle OBE" physical object.

This application object is related to the "Vehicle Trip Planning and Route Guidance" enterprise object resource.

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