Application Objects

The table below lists the Application Objects that comprise the Physical View of the Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture.

Physical Object Application Object
Archived Data Center Archive Data Repository
Archive Government Reporting
Archive On-Line Analysis and Mining
Archive Situation Data Archival
Authorizing Center Core Authorization
Border Inspection Administration Center Border Inspection Administration
Border Inspection System Border Inspection
Center Center Connected Vehicle Infrastructure Management
Center Data Collection
Center Map Management
Center Peer-to-Peer Data Communications
Center Permission Management
Center Support Services
Center Trust Management
Commercial Vehicle Administration Center CVAC Credentials and Taxes Administration
CVAC Information Exchange
CVAC International Administration
CVAC Safety and Security Administration
Commercial Vehicle Check Equipment CVCE Citation and Accident Electronic Recording
CVCE Electronic Screening
CVCE International Border Crossing
CVCE Safety and Security Inspection
Commercial Vehicle OBE CV Driver Work Records International Icon
CV On-Board Access Monitoring International Icon
CV On-Board Cargo Monitoring
CV On-Board Drayage Support
CV On-Board Electronic Screening Support
CV On-Board Mass Monitoring International Icon
CV On-Board Safety and Security
CV On-Board Signal Priority
CV On-Board Speed Monitoring International Icon
CV On-Board Trip Monitoring
Commercial Vehicle OBE Service Provider International Icon CVOBE-SP Information Exchange International Icon
CVOBE-SP Safety and Security Administration International Icon
Cooperative ITS Credentials Management System CCMS Authorization
CCMS Enrollment
CCMS Misbehavior Reporting and Action
CCMS Provisioning
CCMS Revocation
Data Distribution System DDS Data Access Management
DDS Data Collection and Aggregation
DDS Privacy Services
DDS Support Services
DDS Trust Management
Electric Charging Station Electric Charging Station Management
Emergency Management Center Emergency Call-Taking
Emergency Commercial Vehicle Response
Emergency Dispatch
Emergency Environmental Monitoring
Emergency Evacuation Support
Emergency Incident Command
Emergency Notification Support
Emergency Response Management
Emergency Routing
Emergency Work Zone Safety Management
Emergency Vehicle OBE EV On-Board En Route Support
EV On-Board Incident Management Communication
EV On-Board Safety Monitoring
Emissions Management Center Emissions Connected Vehicle Monitoring
Emissions Data Management
Emissions Zone Management
Field Support Equipment Field Support
Fleet and Freight Management Center Fleet Administration
Fleet Maintenance Management
Freight Administration and Management
Freight Distribution and Logistics Center Drayage Operations Optimization Service
Freight Equipment Freight Equipment Monitoring
Intermodal Terminal Terminal Management
ITS Roadway Equipment Roadway Advanced Rail Crossing
Roadway Basic Surveillance
Roadway Communications Support
Roadway Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use
Roadway Emissions Monitoring
Roadway Environmental Monitoring
Roadway Infrastructure Restriction Warning
Roadway Lighting System Control
Roadway Pedestrian Crossing Safety
Roadway Signal Control
Roadway Speed Monitoring and Warning
Roadway Traffic Gap Assist
Roadway Traffic Information Dissemination
Roadway Traffic Metering
Roadway Variable Speed Limits
Roadway Warning
Roadway Work Zone Safety
Roadway Work Zone Traffic Control
ITS Roadway Payment Equipment Roadway Payment Support
Roadway Toll Collection Support
Maint and Constr Management Center MCM Environmental Information Collection
MCM Environmental Information Processing
MCM Incident Management
MCM Infrastructure Monitoring
MCM Maintenance Decision Support
MCM Reduced Speed Zone Warning
MCM Roadway Maintenance
MCM Winter Maintenance Management
MCM Work Activity Coordination
MCM Work Zone Management
MCM Work Zone Safety Management
Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE MCV Environmental Monitoring
MCV Infrastructure Monitoring
MCV Roadway Maintenance and Construction
MCV Vehicle Safety Monitoring
MCV Winter Maintenance
MCV Work Zone Support
Map Update System Map Management
Object Registration and Discovery Service Object Registration and Discovery
ORDS Trust Management
Parking Management System Parking Electronic Payment
Parking Management
Payment Administration Center PAC Payment Administration
Personal Information Device Personal Communications Support
Personal Interactive Traveler Information
Personal Map Management
Personal Pedestrian Safety
Personal Support Services
Personal Traveler Information Reception
Personal Trip Planning and Route Guidance
Personal Trust Management
Personal Work Zone Safety
Privacy Protection Gateway PPG Privacy Services
Public Information Device Public Interactive Traveler Information
Terminal Fare Management
Transit Stop Information Services
Roadside Equipment RSE Automated Vehicle Operations
RSE Border Management
RSE Communications Support
RSE Device Management
RSE Electric Charging Support
RSE Electronic Screening
RSE Emergency Notification Support
RSE Environmental Monitoring
RSE Infrastructure Restriction Warning
RSE Intermodal Terminal Management
RSE Intersection Management
RSE Intersection Safety
RSE Lighting System Support
RSE Low Emissions Zone Application
RSE Map Management
RSE Parking Management
RSE Payment Support
RSE Position Correction Support
RSE Privacy Services
RSE Queue Warning
RSE Rail Crossing Warning
RSE Restricted Lanes Application
RSE Situation Monitoring
RSE Speed Management
RSE Speed Warning
RSE Support Services
RSE Toll Collection
RSE Traffic Gap Assist
RSE Traffic Metering
RSE Traffic Monitoring
RSE Transit User Guidance
RSE Traveler Information Communications
RSE Trust Management
RSE Work Zone Safety
Service Monitor System SM Device Management
SM Time Synchronization
SM Trust Management
Traffic Management Center TMC Automated Vehicle Operations
TMC Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use
TMC Environmental Monitoring
TMC Evacuation Support
TMC Incident Dispatch Coordination/Communication
TMC Infrastructure Restriction Warning
TMC Intersection Safety
TMC In-Vehicle Signing Management
TMC Lighting System Control
TMC Multi-Modal Coordination
TMC Rail Crossing Management
TMC Regional Traffic Management
TMC Restricted Lanes CV Application
TMC Roadway Warning
TMC Signal Control
TMC Speed Warning
TMC Traffic Gap Assist
TMC Traffic Information Dissemination
TMC Traffic Metering
TMC Traffic Surveillance
TMC Variable Speed Limits
TMC Work Zone Traffic Management
Transit Management Center Transit Center Connection Protection
Transit Center Emissions Monitoring
Transit Center Fare Management
Transit Center Information Services
Transit Center Multi-Modal Coordination
Transit Center Paratransit Operations
Transit Center Passenger Counting
Transit Center Priority Management
Transit Evacuation Support
Transit Vehicle OBE Transit Vehicle Emissions Monitoring
Transit Vehicle On-Board Connection Protection
Transit Vehicle On-Board Fare Management
Transit Vehicle On-Board Information Services
Transit Vehicle On-Board Paratransit Operations
Transit Vehicle On-Board Trip Monitoring
Transit Vehicle Passenger Counting
Transit Vehicle Schedule Management
Transit Vehicle Signal Priority
Transit Vehicle V2V Safety
Transportation Information Center TIC Connected Vehicle Traveler Info Distribution
TIC Corridor Decision Support System
TIC Data Collection
TIC Dynamic Ridesharing
TIC Emergency Traveler Information
TIC Freight-Specific Travel Planning
TIC Interactive Traveler Information
TIC Operational Data Repository
TIC Road Weather Advisories and Warnings
TIC Situation Data Management
TIC Travel Services Information
TIC Traveler Information Broadcast
TIC Trip Planning
Vehicle OBE Vehicle Basic Safety
Vehicle Border Crossing Support
Vehicle Communications Support
Vehicle Cooperative Cruise Control
Vehicle Eco-Driving Assist
Vehicle Electric Charging Assist
Vehicle Emergency Notification I/F
Vehicle Emissions Monitoring
Vehicle Environmental Monitoring
Vehicle Gap Assist
Vehicle Interactive Traveler Information
Vehicle Intersection Warning
Vehicle Map Management
Vehicle Mayday Notification
Vehicle Payment Service
Vehicle Peer-to-Peer Data Communications
Vehicle Queue Warning
Vehicle Rail Crossing Warning
Vehicle Restricted Lanes Application
Vehicle Roadside Information Reception
Vehicle Situation Data Monitoring
Vehicle Speed Management Assist
Vehicle Support Services
Vehicle Toll/Parking Payment
Vehicle Traveler Information Reception
Vehicle Trip Planning and Route Guidance
Vehicle Trust Management
Wide Area Information Disseminator WAID Broadcast Services
WAID Support Services
WAID Trust Management

European Union and Australian application objects are designated with the International icon (International Icon).